The Weston Ball – J.M. Weston
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The Weston Ball

J.M. Weston wanted to initiate this ball and gather friends and faithful around dance steps and music. Under a marquee decor, set with tables hung with Limoges blue, the house invites you to party.

The Bal Weston has taken on the finery of a modern ball as its author invented and initiated it. What could be better for J.M. Weston than offering dance steps? On this occasion, well-known choreographers were invited to teach everyone the precious steps of popular, contemporary or classical dance, but always within reach! These were scratched Mathilde Monnier, La Ribot and Asha Thomas, who for one evening passed on to whoever wished these steps which are usually appreciated in show and then vanish. The time of a ball, the time of a party, J.M. Weston, so attached to the excellence of know-how and their transmission, is happy to have been able to offer this sharing of gestures so fleeting and so precious. May everyone go home barefoot and rich in a freshly acquired heritage of contemporary dance.

Tennis 1938
Navy Cotton Canvas
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