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A breath of fresh air on the British pop scene, Citizens! is a band with the Kitsuné label and produced by Franz Ferdinand leader Alex Kapranos. Members include Thom (guitar), Lawrence (keyboards), Mike (drums) and Tom (vocals).

In 2012, the four members of Citizens! released their first album, Here we are, with the singles “True Romance” and “Reptile”. The band proudly declares their ambition to restore glory to an often unimaginative genre by injecting light lyrics, exhilarating rhythms and heady refrains. In an effort to revive music’s originality and genuine quality, the voice of Tom Burke, the band’s charismatic leader and face of the 2013 Saint Laurent campaign, is left unedited. “Pop music isn’t about trying to do something terribly clever. It’s often just successfully including grand ideas in a very simple format”, says Tom.

Citizens x J.M. Weston 1


Interview of the Citizens! leader on the occasion of the release of the music video of "Fade Out"

What is your first memory with the J.M. Weston house?

Going to the store on Jermyn Street, London. The thing I love about Weston is it is about more than first impression. You don't understand the shoes until you look at them closely, try them on, and then you realise that there is something special happening.

Citizens x J.M. Weston 2
Citizens x J.M. Weston 3

What do you feel when you wear J.M. Weston?

I have spent most of my adult life wearing shoes with holes in them. Putting on a pair of Westons is like turning up in a Bentley!

Does Paris inspire your work ?

Over the years it has done. I love the mix between the classic character, the cliche of elegance and sexiness, combined with a new generation who stands up for itself.

What do you remember about the shooting in the Catacombs in Paris?

It really is the 'empire of death' down there. We spent most of the day musing on mortality over crisps and bananas from the catering table.

Citizens x J.M. Weston 4

What’s the story behind "Fade out" ?

It's a song about loss and memory: finding yourself at a point where it's no longer possible to move forward..

How would you define J.M. Weston in three words?

Classic, discreet, timeless.
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